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Working with our clients to solve issues and give them efficiencies in their business that they have never experienced before. JL McLean Consulting is about setting expectations with our clients, delivering solutions that give them major return on investment every day while exceeding most expectations.

For decades JL McLean Consulting’s passion has been projects which have challenged business with using technologies to resolve complicated problems. These projects have taken place in many industry disciplines be it domestic or  international locations with varying degrees of hostile and agreeable environments.

Our greatest fulfillment is to deliver the projects and exceeding the expectations of the outcome with delivering long term value. While finding the value of these projects to the client's skills, the tools and the resources developed in projects became the stock in trade of JL McLean Consulting.


Throughout many years we have met many challenges and opportunities in industry disciplines such as logistics, supply chain management, manufacturing and agriculture. Each of these industries have issues from management, to process, to lawful compliance with regulations which require applications instilling the use of technologies to attain automation, accuracy, cost saving efficiency and discipline.

Our newest clients which  are a network of growers, distributors, supply chain, manufacturing and processing has become our prime focus. We have created a system which addresses inventory, business, tracking and reporting for business and compliance.

Our solutions such as Agracount (a seed to sale software solution with Metrc certified interface), the ACC72 Android hand terminal, stationary RFID readers, Tower Floor to Ceiling RFID Reader systems,  the ACC809 mini RFID reader, plus many more for Barcode, RFID/IOT products for all business needs.


Our Services

  • RFID and Barcode hardware

  • Inventory management solutions

  • Software Client Services

  • Installation

  • Industrial Design applications

  • Product Support


Some of our many products.....


acc-72 rfid/image scanner

A low cost solution for mobile inventory applications..


Android 6.0                            OS4G/Dual-band WIFI

5.2'' IPS 1080P Screen            8000mAh Powerful Battery

IP65 Sealing                            1.5m Drop Proof

Made to perform in extremely high tag density environments




The ACC-72 in action

RFID TAGLOGGER is the next generation in inventory management. This is a demo using the complete solution for Inventory, Shipping and Receiving needs.

                                         The acc-809 in action





We are the solution for your problems!